The following testimonials are from some of my clients for the Raindrop Technique:

Beth Vereen Sisson: I loved the massage. Been feeling good! Thanks.

Lizz Lingg:  Hey girl I feel amaaaazing! I was so relaxed and refreshed and it doesn't feel like there's a box of bricks on my shoulders anymore!! You are awesome!

Diane Lauer: Dear Lennea,
  After receiving your wonderful Raindrop Technique session, I noticed a significant difference in breast tissues which had been treated with targeted radiation.  The hard, fibrotic area became softer and more normalized.  I am looking forward to another session and further tissue improvement.Thank you so much for your wonderful, caring and effective treatment.
Diane Lauer

Katherine Elizabeth Hunt: When I received my Rain Drop message I went in with no major expectations. I really just wanted to try something new and have a relaxing experience. I was overwhelmed by the results however. I have suffered chronic back pain since adolescence due to scoliosis and I am so pleased to say that after Lennea worked on me my back was pain free for the first time in years. I continued to enjoy diminished back pain for several more weeks and fully intend on having this message done again.

Greg McBride, MEd, LCADC, LPC: As you already know, I am a skeptic by nature, so when I began the raindrop technique I assumed I would be relaxed by the techniques used, but nothing more. You may recall that several weeks prior to coming I had injured my right shoulder and arm, and was experiencing a great deal of discomfort. I was not expecting any relief from the pain after the raindrop technique but was amazed that I remained pain free for several days later only to over stress the arm again since I'm both right handed and was not feeling any pain in the arm. Our continued appointments always yields a pain free result which was completely unexpected.
        In addition, and to my great surprise, another added bonus has been an improvement in my sense of smell. As I explained, I usually am not able to smell scents of any kind and when I do they must be very strong. In our first few raindrop technique sessions I did not smell anything (which is usual for me), but within a short time thereafter I was able to smell the scents of the oils used. I cannot express what a joy this is for me. Whenever I am able to smell something at all I consider it a blessing and a gift since normally I do not smell anything.
Needless to say I am very grateful. Thank you very much.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The DHSEA (the U.S. Dietary Health Supplement and Education Act of 1994) likes to see this. 

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