Saturday, December 15, 2012

Improve Your Health & Your Wealth!

Young Living Oils have changed my life! If you are like me and you are looking for natural alternatives for your family and your home you have found it. From therapeutic grade essential oils, cleaning products, personal care to vitamins and supplements. Don't know where to start?

Take a look through the product catalog and check out the starter kits. I LOVE the Start with Everyday Oils Kit! It is a great place to start with a great variety of oils. Check out catalog here:
Product Catalog

How to order:
How To Order Oils

If you need and more information or have any questions contact Lennea Aurilia at 843-655-0555 or email at

Friday, December 14, 2012

Do you want to be IIN?

Those of you who know me well know that I waited a long time to be able to attend The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I attended other programs for nutrition and wellness but still kept hearing IIN calling my name. So far the program has been amazing. What I love about the school and the program is that it is not just teaching me to help others and change their lives but it has truly been a God send to my life, my family, and out health.

If you think you may be interested in becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach now is the time. IIN has given me an offer save up to $1,500 off the cost of enrollment  Friday, December 14th 

Contact me today ASAP an I will help you get this discount! PLUS, we will donate $100 to the charity of their choice!

Mambo Sprouts Coupons

Who says shopping for better products has to be more expensive!
 Enjoy these coupons!

Click here for coupons

Monday, November 19, 2012

Are you happy?

Very interesting! Watch this video:

Do you control your happiness? Here is a challenge for you. I suggest you get a note pad. Every night before you go to bed write YOUR 3 Blessings. Write 3 good things about your day and why they happened. That's it!

A study has shown that people doing so were over all happier. This exercise is recommended by James Pawelski.

I am going to start tonight. I will check back with my results. Hope to hear about yours!

You can also check out They have some neat test and questionnaires to take as well!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Children and Supplements?

Do your children take supplements? What do you look for in a supplement? Currently my kids are taking a multivitamin, B-12, Vitamin C, and a pro-biotic. After reading several articles recently I think I will be adding an EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) supplement as well. Here is one of the articles:

(You can scroll down to the section where he discusses a child's brain needing fish oil)

While I do believe in trying to get most of your vitamins and minerals from whole foods it is almost impossible to get all the vitamins and minerals this way any longer. Our soils have become so depleted of nutrients that it has effected our food. That is where the supplements come in.

When shopping for supplements you need to do your homework. Do not just run out and buy the Flintstones because the kids like the bottle. Brands like that are filled with sugar and garbage. You want to make sure the supplements are GMP Certified and  have a Purity Certification as well. These are 3rd party organizations that test supplements as they are not FDA regulated.


Metagenics is a company that has a triple GMP Certification. Check out their products here:

OmegaGenics™ DHA Children's

Friday, November 9, 2012

Support Your Local Economy

Times are tough for all of us. Are you making any attempts to support your local economy? Here is a diet based around community support and local agriculture. I challenge you to give this diet a whirl for 60 days. Eating locally will lead you to eat unprocessed whole foods that are in season. By doing so you will not only support local community agriculture, and the ecological footprint but you will help your health and your waistline.

Check out these sites:,9171,1200783,00.html

Monday, November 5, 2012

Man are you fat!

No, I am not calling anyone fat. It is actually a question. Did you know that a higher percentage of men are having eating disorders? I have seen first hand how easily this happens. Here is some great information if you know someone who may fit in this category.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Health Coaching Site..Yay!

As many of you know I am a career student in addition to my holistic practice. I recently enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to further my education and share my knowledge with my clients. It has been a wonderful experience so far. I am learning amazing dietary theories, new recipes, and more. I have the pleasure of hearing AMAZING guest speakers and awesome lectures.
Check out my new site:

I look forward to sharing all this information with you guys. If you are interested in a a FREE consultation or think you may be interested in my school and would like to ask me questions just reach out. 843-655-0555 or

Friday, November 2, 2012

Are you eating for the season?

With the clock's turning back this weekend I make a note to check my in-season chart before shopping. Do you? Our bodies both crave and benefit from our foods being locally grown and in season. Further more I recently read in the Integrative Nutrition , Feed Your Hunger for Health & Happiness book that eating foods out of season can make you more susceptible to colds, flu, and other illnesses.

Here are two sites to help you find what is locally grown in your state:

When eating locally, in season, and organic (Don't want those pesky pesticides) it is best to shop and support your local farmer's market. See if they have a CSA available! You can find local farmer's markets in your area at:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Orgasmic Diet??

Did you know eating a low fat vegetarian diet with tofu and whole grains could zap your libido?? Very interesting! I just listened to a lecture by Marrena Lindberg. She reviews what foods can be lowering your libido and what you can do you correct the situation. The diet is based on high dosages of good quality Omega 3 Fish Oil as the main component. Read more about what she has to say:


She also suggest the diet may work for women with fertility issues, depression, ADHD, autism, and mood swings.

I'm ready to go buy my Omega 3 Fish Oil!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My journey...

I have considered myself a health nut/buff for some years now. It was only natural when I went on to become a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Counselor. I have enjoyed helping people make healthier lifestyle choices, lose weight, end emotional eating, and more.
I am so excited to start my new journey as a student at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition! I have some what patiently waited to enroll in this school for over 5 years. Becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach will empower me with more knowledge to help my clients.
I love that the school focuses on bio-individuality. No 2 people are alike so why should their diet's be?? Stay tuned as I move along this journey and share life changing information with all of you. If you have any questions along the way just let me know!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sugar Alternative

I have a simple answer to sugar alternatives....JUST DON'T USE THEM! Why take the chance? Companies will tell you that no proof has been found for these awful substances to cause cancer in humans however, they have been know to cause cancer in rats.

In addition these are some of the side effects that have been found in humans using aspartame:

Aspartame is of particular concern because it contains phenylalanine (50%), aspartic acid (40%) and methanol (10%), three well-recognized neurotoxins.

The following symptoms have been associated with the consumption of
  • headaches
  •  nausea
  •  dizziness
  • hearing loss
  •  tinnitus
  •  insomnia
  • blurred vision 
  • eye problems
  •  hallucinations
  • memory loss
  •  slurred speech 
  • mild to suicidal depression
  • personality changes 
  • violent episodes mood changes
  • anxiety attacks
  •  hyperactivity 
  • heart arrhythmia
  • edema or swelling gastrointestinal disorders 
  • seizures
  • skin lesions
  •  muscle cramps
  •  joint pains
  • fatigue 
  • PMS 
  • menstrual irregularities
  • chest pain
  •  increased appetite 
  • numbness and tingling of extremities
Fortunately, most of the above symptoms are alleviated once aspartame use is discontinued.
Please read your labels! Aspartame is a common ingredient in children's yogurt and drinks. We have many natural alternatives available to us.  Recipes available as well. If you would like more information contact us at:

Information provided by Institute for Integrative Nutrition®

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pure Power Smoothie and NingXia Red

This information comes from the amazing Teri Seacrest!

Mom Was Right!

My Mom always said that good health begins and ends with a long-term commitment to good nutrition. Mom was right! Are you ready to take your health to the next level? This month's " Tips" is filled with good news for you!

Just 7 days ago, I received my first shipment of Young Living's NEW NingXia Red power infusion formula. I thought, "How could it possibly be any better than the original formula?" The original NingXia Red had been our family's daily "powerhouse" for years!
All I can say is, "Gary have hit it out of the ball park this time!" Seven days ago, I had a small skin tag on my left eyelid and today it is gone! With the 7 times increase of essential oils in the new formula, the very cells of my body are coming alive! My children love the taste of it and we have been making breakfast smoothies with it every day! (Thank you, Carol Shirr, for the great recipe!)  

Pure Protein 
Complete #3291
Pure Power Smoothie  4 oz NEW NingXia Red
2 cups water
1 cup ice cubes
large handful of kale, stems removed
large handful of spinach
large handful of grapes 
1 apple, cored and cut up
4 scoops YL Pure Protein Complete
Put liquids and ice into blender first. Add remaining ingredients. Blend on high until smooth. Makes 4 servings
Personally, I love taking 4 ounces of NingXia Red every day because I have had such great results over the years. With the original formula NingXia Red, the few strands of grey hair I had went away!
Today, I challenge you to look in your pantry and refrigerator to see what you are spending your grocery money on that is giving you only minimal nutrition. Transfer those dollars over to the NEW Young Living NingXia Red Power Juice and experience your health soar! If you have never made a commitment to consistent nutrition, today is the day to begin! 

When you add NEW NingXia Red to your Essential Rewards order between October 1 and October 31, you will earn DOUBLE POINTS on all your NingXia Red purchases from October 1st until December 31, FREE products for your redeemed points, and enjoy reduced shipping costs. You just can't lose and have everything to gain. I feel better today at age 58 than I did at 28 - AND SO CAN YOU!  

  • 48% MORE antioxidant activity
  • 7 times more essential oils
  • superior taste
  • significant DECREASE in acid level
  • significant DECREASE in glycemic index 
  • safe for diabetics
Original formula NingXia Red's S-ORAC score* is already off the charts. Now, new formula NingXia Red scores almost 50% higher!  

PROPRIETARY BLEND OF SUPER ANTIOXIDANT JUICES - blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, plum.

grapeseed extract plus orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils.

SUPERIOR FLAVOR enhanced with pure vanilla extract and stevia, a natural, low-glycemic sweetener.

What hasn't changed is the intensely concentrated nutrition derived from the whole ningxia wolfberry.
Love original NingXia Red?  Just wait until you try NEW NingXia Red! 
77% prefer NEW NingXia Red 
in blind taste test 

Other superfruit beverages don't stand a chance against NingXia Red - in nutrition OR flavor!  In a blind taste test at a major university, 77% of the participants preferred the rich flavors of NEW NingXia Red. And it's no wonder - Young Living has procured the very finest whole fruit juices, artfully blended them with the NingXia wolfberry, added a touch of stevia for sweetness, and enriched them with citrus essential oils to produce the the most delicious and nutrient-dense NingXia Red juice ever.  
*The S-ORAC test measures the ability to neutralize the dangerous superoxide free radical. Elevated super-oxide has been linked to cancer, heart disease, asthma, and many other serious health conditions.



Place your Essential Rewards order of 100 PV or more ONLINE between October 1 and 31 and include a NEW NingXia Red item number from the list below and you will earn double Essential Rewards points through December, earn FREE products with your redeemed points, and enjoy big savings on shipping. So the sooner you order the NEW NingXia Red, the more points you will accumulate!

Already an Essential Rewards member? Modify your order in your Virtual Office at .

Not a member yet? Three easy ways to enroll today!

1  Call Young Living Customer Service at 800-371-3515 to enroll , give sponsor # 1181431
2  Sign up in your Virtual Office at   , enter sponsor # 1181431
3  If you're stuck, call Lennea 843-655-0555

This is a PERFECT time to take advantage of Young Living's generous Essential Rewards Program. Preferred Customer earn points with just a $50 monthly purchase. Business Builders - your $100 monthly Essential Rewards order maximizes your earning potential and qualifies you for your personal rank.
NEW NingXia Red 8 pack #3046

Redeem points for FREE product of your choice

See how many double points you can earn on one 8 pack of NEW NingXia Red and examples of the various products for which you can redeem them. 

10% - 46 points  One month's points can be redeemed for a bottle of Relieve It or RutaVaLa. Two month's points earn you a Golden Touch 1 Kit. 
15% - 69 points  Enough points for a bottle of Frankincense or Essential 7 Kit.
20% - 92 points  Redeem for Slique Slim Caps, Sandalwood, or in two months, Rose essential oil.

The longer you're an Essential Rewards member, the more points you earn!
As soon as you become a member, you'll start earning 10% on all your Essential Rewards orders. The percentage increases up to 20% as long as you maintain your monthly Essential Rewards order, as follows. 

Months 1-6 - Earn points equal to 10% of your Essential Reward order's PV

Months 7-12 - Earn points equal to 15% of your Essential Reward order's PV
Months 13 and beyond - Earn points equal to 20% of your Essential Reward order's PV 
Item Number

NingXia Red (2 pack)
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NingXia Red Singles (30 ct.)   NEW 2 oz SIZE!
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NingXia Red Combo Pack (2 pack plus 30 singles)

Increase Your Family's Abundance Today!
Silver in 6
Would you like to know how to receive your NingXia Red FREE every month?
CLICK TO LISTEN to a terrific interview and find out!

Young Living Introduction Meeting Featuring the NEW NingXia Red Presented by Marc Schreuder and Dr. Olivier Wenker, MD
Join us for a free Introduction Meeting featuring Marc Schreuder and Dr. Olivier Wenker, MD to learn all about new NingXia Red, and the revolutionary, newly released products that took this year’s International Grand Convention by storm!

Not only is this meeting a great way to stay knowledgeable about the company and our latest offerings, but it is perfect for sharing Young Living with friends, family, and prospective members of your organization!
NEW NingXia Red Intro Meeting, Tuesday, October 9, 2012, Denver, Colorado Registration 6 to 7 p.m.   Meeting 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. 
Denver Marriott West, 1717 Denver West Boulevard, Golden, CO 80401
Cost: Free! 

Education to Unlock the Secrets of Vigor and Vitality
Imagine enjoying increased energy, exuberant physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. When all of these elements come together, they create a highly desirable state of health known as “vigor” and “vitality.” In addition to the obvious physical advantages, this level of exceptional health inevitably increases your potential to enjoy greater purpose, abundance—and ultimately happiness. The School of Nature’s Remedies is an educational program created with this end in mind. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Flu Season on it's way

The kids are back in school and the germs have already started spreading. I have seen several bugs and strep throat come through school already.

Here are some natural remedies to help you and your family through fall and the flu season.
The oils I am referring to are Young Living Oils. They are therapeutic grade and safe to consume.
4 – 6 drops Oregano
12 drops Thieves
2 drops Frankincense
In a capsule 4 X a day until symptoms subside.
How to Fill Gel Caps thumbnailThen once a day for 10 days.

Here are three different recipes
1.   10 drops lemon, 8 mountain savory, 3 oregano and 1 cinnamon
2.   12 thieves, 6 oregano, 2 frankincense
3.   8 clove, 5 thyme, 5 oregano

For more information contact

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chiropractor in a bottle!

Balances energies to instill courage, confidence, and self-esteem.  It helps the body self-correct its balance and alignment.

Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antifungal, and antispasmodic.  It is very grounding and strengthening.

Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum) helps cleanse the liver and lymphatic system helping one to overcome anger and negative emotions promoting a feeling of self-control.

Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) is considered a holy anointing oil in the Middle East and has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years.  Stimulates the limbic part of the brain, elevating the mind and helping to overcome stress and despair.  It is used in European medicine to combat depression.

Spruce (Picea mariana) opens and releases emotional blocks, fostering a sense of balance and grounding.  Traditionally, it was believed to possess the frequency of prosperity.

Carrier Oil: Sweet Almond (Prunus dulcis)

  • Diffuse, directly inhale, or add 2-4 drops to bath water.
  • Apply 4-6 drops to wrists, chest, and base of neck, bottoms of feet, or along the spine in raindrop technique.
  • When using a series of oils, apply Valor first and wait 5-10 minutes before applying other oils.
  • Dilute 1:15 with vegetable oil for body massage.
Electromagnetic Frequency 47 MHz

Young Living Essential Oils, the leading provider of essential oils, offers more than 300 essential oil singles and blends.
All Young Living essential oils meet the Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ standard. This means that every essential oil Young Living distils or sources has the optimal naturally-occurring blend of constituents to maximize the desired effect.

For more information contact Lennea Aurilia 843-655-0555 or Email

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ruta VaLa a must have oil!

                                             palo santo & rutavala

RutaVaLa Roll-On

Gary shared with us how effective RutaVaLa is for "Stress Allergies" i.e "maladaptive stress syndrome": The body produces more acid in a stressed state, thereby raising cortisol levels, taxing the adrenal glands, decreasing hormone function, including pituitary and thyroid function this leads to a decrease in digestive enzymes, This causes many digestive issues including food allergies, IBS (irritable Bowel syndrome). There is NO disconnect between anything that happens in the body. If the mind is stressed it affects every cell of the body. This disruption of body systems leads to hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, candida overgrowth, pre-diabetes.

Rutavala Reduces Stress Allergies! Applying RutaVaLa roll-on to the brain stem (or 4-5 drops of RutaVaLa from the bottle) will reduce anxiety levels in 60-120 seconds by modulating brain function.
RutaVaLa is the most powerful anti-depressant in our arsenal of oils!

It reduces cortisol levels, has calming & balancing effect. Very effective for restless leg syndrome, hypertension. Applying to carotid artery (along neck) allows for quickest absorption and can quickly get into the brain to bring balance.

Applying to brain stem of overstressed adults and children before bed helps improve sleep patterns and can help with clarity during the day. 

Children Who Have Been Vaccinated

 Especially those suffering from Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, bi-polar, dyslexia or other conditions associated with vaccine damage greatly benefit from the use of RutaVaLa.
It helps to regenerate the neurites that were destroyed in the brain by the vaccine. It stimulates the regeneration of neurites and myelin tissue.

It is also effective in treating bi-polar or manic-depression. Bi-Polar, depression, asperger's, touret's are associated with mineral deficiency and hormone imbalance. The use of RutaVaLa brings alpha and beta waves of the brain into harmony. The use of Mineral Essence and hormone balancing products such as Estro, Progessence Plus, Endogize or SclarEssence can enhance the effects and bring even better results.

Sleep Disorders

If you have trouble sleeping i.e. cannot sleep at least 5-6 hours without awakening apply RutaVaLa to brain stem before bed. If you tend to already sleep soundly for 7-8  hours, you may not need to use it before bed or to use less. Feeling drowsy upon awakening means you need to use less. If this  occurs: Upon awakening apply Frankincense with Clarity or Brain Power or Peppermint. The brain will become clearer. When studying use Brain Power or Peppermint. This will help tremendously. Experiment to see if your child has improved test scores using the above oils.

Candida Can Cause Bi-Polar
Candida proliferates in gut lining, this leads to leaky-gut syndrome and then many are diagnosed with IBS. The candida roots in gut and bowel gases are allowed to leach into blood stream. This is like the person being on ammonia! This causes difficulty in thinking, memory loss. RutaVaLa helps balance the brain, bringing peace of mind.

Ruta Decreases Pain for Some. If fighting a degenerative disease it helps them to sleep better. 1-2 drops under the tongue works faster than applying topically. 

For more information contact Lennea Aurilia at 843-655-0555 or at

 These notes taken on Gary Young's Conference Call by Amy Lapp (1/6/2011)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Helpful Oil Hints

Oregano & Lemon Helps Get Rid of Moles
"My daughter used Oregano and Lemon oils on a large mole on her husband's back. It fell off in two weeks. She alternated using the oils and made sure that the surrounding skin had olive oil on it first -- otherwise, any essential oil will spread to the surrounding  tissue and irritate it.~Nancy, YL Distributor

Palo-Santo for Bone Density
palo santo

  "I remember a long time ago reading that Palo Santo will build bone density. Place it on the spine or hips. My mom does this now and is not having any bone loss issues". ~Stacia, YL Distributor


GallBladder Issues
"If you have gallstones Gary Young stated that 2 capsules of GLFtm(Gallbladder Liver Flush) six times a day would get rid of them."

~Annette, YL Distributor


Young Living Oils are therapeutic grade. They may be used aromatically, applied to the skin neat or with a base oil, and some may be ingested. For more information contact Lennea Aurilia. 843-655-0555 or at

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Healing Powers of Sacred Frankincense

sacred frankincense
Over the last year I have heard some truly amazing stories about people who have been using Sacred Frankincense. Here is just another reason:

A Study With Sacred Frankincense

12 subjects, all had post traumatic stress disorder and all were able to go off antidepressants after being on then for 63 years. All inhaled Sacred Frankincense 5 minutes daily for 30 days. 
All 12 brain scans showed significant difference in brain wave activity. 

17 year-old able was only able to read 5th grade level, 1 month on Sacred Frankincense and can read at 9th grade level.
80% improvement in reading and memory recall in 3-5 min of inhalation!  

*Information from Diamond Summit 2011, notes by Kathy Kouwe

For more information or to find out how to order Young Living oils contact Lennea at 843-655-0666 or

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Palo Santo

 palo santo & rutavala
Palo Santo
Palo Santo is used by Latino cultures in Peru and Ecuador like Frankincense is used in the Middle East . The dead wood is gathered and burned as insect repellent, small strips are put in campfires to keep away lice and ticks. The Palo Santo tree is a protected species. The live trees cannot be harvested. If a person owns the land which the trees on are, they can cut the trees.  Five years ago Gary began trying to distill Palo Santo from dead wood. It took him 2 years to figure out how to get the oil from the dead tree. The tree must be dead for at least 5 years before any oil can be extracted from the heart of the wood. It does not product resin like Frankincense or Myhrr.

Why is Palo Santo an Important Oil?

At this point not enough research has been done to say it is an 'anti-cancer' oil, however this oil is high in d-limonene. Citrus oils (whose anti-cancer value has been scientifically proven) are  high in l-limonene. It has been used successfully at the clinic for prostate and lung cancer when given intravenously.

Palo Santo is highly anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Palo Santo Highly Effective Against Respiratory Viruses
Effective for respiratory congestion, pneumonia, flu, bronchitis.  The oil can be diffused, taken sublingually (under the tongue) or 3-4drops can put in 8oz of water to drink. Also use this oil in Raindrop Technique, massaging along the spine. 

For ear infections: A few drops on a piece of cotton and placed in the ear. Rub outside of ear with a drop of oil. Do NOT drop oils directly in the ear canal.
For Nasal Polyps: With surgery polyps tend to return. Saturate a cotton swab with oil and swab inside of nose. One gentleman did this, inconsistently for 6 weeks and his polyps have never returned.

When Traveling: Rub under nose to kill bacteria before you inhale it on airplanes. Also apply around back of ears. Skin test before applying, may be irritating to sensitive skin. Dilute if necessary.
Children Who Have Lung Congestion: Mix 2 drops Palo Santo and 10 drops V-6 mixing oil and massage on back.
Inhibit Eye Infections/Pink Eye/Styes: Mix 1 drop Palo Santo & 1 drop Myrrh, rub around eyes, with eyes closed. If one suffers frequent eye infections could cause a detached retina. Do this oil protocol as preventative for that. Palo Santo & Frankincense together promote DNA repair in cells. Use Sandalwood, Frankincense and Balsam Fir together as a strong anti-inflammatory and for DNA repair.

Cartilage Regeneration of Marathon Runner
4 years ago a marathon runner had no cartilage left in his knee. He was facing knee-replacement surgery. He began rubbing Palo Santo on his knee daily and the cartilage regenerated.
The DNA repair potential of Palo Santo has not been studied scientifically, but we know it is present.

Palo Santo has relieved rheumatoid arthritis pain. Some take internally in capsules.

Palo Santo Alleviates Depression! Apply topically, diffuse, inhale!

No one else except Young Living has these oils!

Friday, August 10, 2012

August Essential Oil Tips

Help with Rosacea
 prenelone plus
     "I have suffered from Rosacea for 10 years. My dermatologist had me on a topical steroid & 3 different antibiotics over that time period. Recently I tried Prenelone Cream, and after one day my face was clear! I have been using it everyday & my face looks better than ever without taking some kind of drug. Other results I have had are a calming effect & clearer mind after applying the cream."
~Cris Campbell, Belleville, IL

Fading of Age Spots
"I read that  someone had tried the Prenelone Cream to reduce the appearance of age spots, so I tried it and it really made a difference! I also notice that emotionally I feel better too."
~YL Distributor


                   Pain Relief With Prenelone

"While away for the weekend, we stopped at a little shop where a woman was selling all of her quilting fabric. She said she just couldn't quilt anymore because she had arthritis so bad in her hands it hurt too much to hold the needle. I asked if she would like to try some Prenelone Cream & Panaway, as I had read it helped with arthritis pain. She allowed me to apply it to her hands & almost immediately the pain was gone! She can now continue to create beautiful quilts."

~Lila Thomas

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Introducing the Myrtle Beach Movers

Looking to work out and have a support team? Join the Myrtle Beach Movers :

You can join the Beach Body Website with a FREE account. Go to

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Orange Essential Oil

Orange Oil Helps Whiten Teeth
"I heard that Orange oil could help whiten teeth.  Since I used to brush with just baking soda, I added a few drops of Young Living Orange oil to the small orangeamount of baking soda I had sprinkled in my hand.  I mixed it into a paste with my toothbrush.  Not only do my teeth feel much cleaner but they are also whiter.  I do this about twice a week.  Of course, I use Dentarome Plus on the other 5 days."

~Catherine Eberhart
Orange Oil Benefits
For scabies: Orange oil contains d-limonene, which helps in killing scabies and works better than lemon juice or lemon oil.

For nervous system: Orange oil is beneficial in treatment of depression, irritability, anxiety, sadness, and insomnia.

For circulatory system: Its helps in treatment of edema and cellulite with help of orange oil massage.

For digestive system: Treats dyspepsia, indigestion, flatulence, and gastric spasm. Relieves constipation, treats diarrhea, and eliminates toxins.

For furniture: Orange oil is used in furniture cleaning due to its anti-grease properties and works better than lemon oil.

How to Use Orange Oil
1. Take in Capsules internally. Put 6-10 drops in a gel cap.

2. Apply topically; use in massage oil. Citrus Oils are photosensitive. If you are going to be out in the sun avoid applying Orange oil to skin that will be sun-exposed.

3. Add to water for a refreshing drink and health benefits. Add 1 drop to a glass and then fill with 8oz of water. Avoid using plastic; Oils 'eat' petrochemicals and plastic cups or bottles can be damaged.

4. Diffuse into the air for a refreshing, uplifting scent and to cleanse the air.
Spa Mist Diffuser
spa mist diffuser display

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Weight Loss Programs

Good Morning! YOU still have time to fit into that bathing suit this summer. Soulistic Health will be launching weekly support meetings geared toward weight loss and weight management. Contact Lennea for more information. 843-655-0555

We will also be setting up personal challenges and fitness programs. You can take the challenges individually or work together in small groups. You can enroll for one on one personal nutrition counseling as well. Now is the time to take back YOUR life and YOUR health!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lyme Disease and Essential Oils

Here is some great information on Lyme Disease provided by Dr.David Stewart from the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education

1. Overcoming Lyme Disease with Essential Oils
~^~^~^~^~by David Stewart, PhD

Chances are, you know someone who has Lyme Disease. According to the Towsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, July 2004, "Lyme Disease is thought to be the fastest spreading infectious disease in the world, with more than 200,000 new cases per year in the United States alone."
It is called "The Great Imitator" because its symptoms are often misdiagnosed as something else such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Abnormal Heart Conditions, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alzheimer's Disease, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Depression, Multiple Schlerosis (MS), Schizophrenia, and more.
The symptoms of Lyme disease include: fatigue, fever, chills, headache, muscle and joint pain, swelling of the lymph nodes, nerve pain, skin rashes, back pain, mental confusion, and brain fog. If allowed to run its course it can actually cause arthritis, cardiac dysrhythmias, nervous system abnormalities, and other bodily or mental damages. It has been estimated that only 10% of Lyme patients have been accurately diagnosed.
According to the Mosby Medical Dictionary, the disease is named for the town of Lyme, Connecticut, USA, where it was first discovered and identified during the 20th Century. It is thought to have originated in that part of North America.
Since then, the disease has migrated along the East Coast, throughout the Southern U.S., and into the Midwest. The ticks are carried by the white-footed mouse, the white-tailed deer, other mammals, and even some birds. Carriers of the sickness could eventually migrate to the West Coast, but it does not seem to have done so as yet.
It can apparently be transmitted to an unborn child through its mother and people have been reported with Lyme disease with no evidence of having been bitten by a tick. Cases have been reported in Europe.
The disease is most commonly acquired from the bite of a small tick of the genus, Ixodes (pronounced Ex-oh'-deez). These ticks are extremely tiny, much smaller than a common dog tick which can get quite large. Ixodes ticks are normally only 1-2 mm in size, smaller than the head of a pin. They are sometimes called "seed ticks." Once imbedded on your skin, they are difficult to see, feel, find or detect until intense itching or a surface inflammation reveals their presence and, by which time, the tick may have gotten their fill and fallen away.

The bite of an Ixodes tick cannot always be verified by the finding of the tick caught in the act of sucking your blood. If it has been feasting on you long enough, it will leave a tell-tale rash pattern (described below). They can remain in connection with your body for as much as a week, if not found and carefully removed.
You don't want to squeeze the tick while it's head is still imbedded in your skin and you don't want its head to be left in the wound. Apply a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol or an essential oil, like Thieves or Peppermint. This will cause the tick to relax its bite and let go. Hold the treated cotton on the tick and bite area for a minute before pulling the tick off, which is done best with a pair of tweezers.
In order to transmit its diseases, the tick usually has to feed on you for at least two days. So there is opportunity to find and remove it before it is too late. You need to search thoroughly after a visit to the woods or fields where they reside. You may need a partner to help you look. If you have a dog that roams the area, they can bring the infected ticks into your front yard. So be wary every time you go outside.
Applying an oil, like lavender, to your ankles, lower legs, waist, neck, and arms can repel them and prevent acquiring them and their bites. They are a threat only in warm weather, such as late spring, summertime, and early fall. It has been said that during the tick season, taking a daily capsule with 10-20 drops of Longevity Blend essential oil will also repel ticks.

When you find a tick bite, you will probably know when it is too late and infection has begun, because after more than two or three days they usually leave a visible pink spot or ring, up to half an inch or more in diameter. This mark is called a "bulls eye rash" and medically labeled as "erythema migrans" (EM).
Ixodes ticks carry a variety of diseases including: Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Erlichiosis, Babesiosis, and Lyme Disease, each of which is related to a different pathogenic microbe. For an account of how I survived Erlichiosis, see the article entitled, "When Modern Medicine is a Good Thing," in The Raindrop Messenger, Vol 7, No 5, Sept-Oct 2009. You may go to where you can access the archives of the Raindrop Messenger from the home page.
Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Erlichiosis, and Babesiosis are all potentially deadly while Lyme disease is not. However, Lyme disease can be worse in some ways because most who acquire the disease suffer the symptoms for life whereas the other tick diseases can be completely cured with antibiotics if treated in a timely manner. Today's medicine has no effective treatment or cure for Lyme Disease.
The microbial organism causing Lyme disease is a spirochete named Borrelia burgdorferi, which is smaller than most bacteria but larger than a virus. It is spiral in form and is similar to the virus that causes syphilis.
Medical treatments with oral or IV antibiotics can mitigate symptoms, but cannot cure the condition. While allopathic medicines may provide some relief, they also always have untoward side effects such as candida infections. Some Lyme patients have spent tens of thousands of dollars on expensive IV antibiotics and doctor visits over many months and years to no avail, still suffering from the disease and eventually destitute, financially bankrupt. When attempting to find a medical solution, it is not uncommon for Lyme sufferers to lose all their financial resources and still carry the disease.
There is a Young Living Distributor in Wisconsin, named Pamela Carpenter, who contracted Lyme disease 20 years ago and spent untold dollars on medical treatments to no avail. In fact, after years of failed attempts by the medical system, Pamela and her family were left $165,000 in debt and still no cure. She was eventually introduced to Young Living oils and Raindrop Technique. She now leads leads an active life, full of energy and accomplishments, virtually free of Lyme Disease symptoms.

According to Pamela, she was first introduced to Young living in 1999 at which time she had suffered from Lyme Disease for some ten years. A co-worker recommended that she try receiving Raindrop Technique. "So I bought all the oils for raindrop and a book," she reports, "and put them in my grandmother's cedar box on my dresser where they stayed for the next ten years." She attributes her lack of action in applying the oils right away to her confused mental state due to the Lyme disease, which has invaded her brain.
After receiving an intravenously administered antibiotic three times daily for thirteen months to no avail at a cost of $70,000, she said to her doctor, "The Lyme bacteria is in my brain and your treatments cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. Isn't that so? Then, in other words, I am never going to get well with your treatments. Right?" Her doctor was silent. Upon that realilzation, Pam terminated her doctor visits and costly treatments, and turned to essential oils.
She knew of no one who did Raindrop, so she located a massage therapist in her home town. "I walked in with my book and asked if she was willing to take the book home and see if this is something she would do and I would supply all the oils. This began my passion for Raindrop," she said.
"I had no clue how this would change my life," Pamela tells her story. "Comprehension just wasn't there, brain fog, loss of memory, . . As you can see connecting the dots on how this was going to benefit my health, I didn't get it even as it happened. I just had a great deal of faith that God was leading me down this path."
"I started out having a Raindrop treatment once a week," Pam continues. "At my follow-up doctor appointment, four weeks later, he was amazed at my progress. I still didn't comprehend the greatness of this accomplishment at that time. I continued with Raindrop sessions every week for nine onths and then every two weeks and then once a month. I still continue to have a Raindrop once a month."
The following is Pam's protocol for living free from Lyme Symptoms:
1. She receives a Raindrop Session regularly, once a month, for health maintenance and to keep her immune system up to full strength.
2. When she senses that a bout of Lyme symptoms are beginning, she makes up a capsule containing 2 drops of Frankincense, 6 drops of Oregano, and 12 drops of Thieves. We will call these capsules, "Lyme Bullets."
3. Upon the first signs of an attack, she immediately starts a one-week regimen as follows:
One Lyme Bullet every four hours around the clock for three days, followed by
One Lyme Bullet every eight hours around the clock for four days.

4. At the end of that week, most of the time the symptoms have stopped their attempt to reappear. The bacteria have gone back into hibernation, and she is back to normal again with her full strength.
She emphasizes that you need to stick strictly to the "every four hour" and "every eight hour" protocol, setting your alarm through the night to keep up the timely assault against the spirochetes who want to attack you. If she feels the need, sometimes after a one week application of the protocol, she may repeat it for another week.
By applying this protocol, she has been able to have a normal uninterrupted life for years. And, who knows? With the repeated defenses of the essential oils, the Lyme spirochetes may just give up and quit altogether some day.
The only other healing modality known to be effective with Lyme disease is the application of electromagnetic frequencies that resonate with the microbial size and structure of the guilty spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi. The application of the right frequency causes the bacteria to explode and disintegrate while having no effect on the surrounding human tissue.

The machine that administered the lethal current is called a "Rife Machine." It was invented by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife as a treatment for infections in the 1930's and was vigorously opposed and aggressively supressed by U.S. Goverment health authorities and by the American Medical Association. Only in the last few decades has it been rediscovered and actually re-invented by several other scientists and medical doctors who believe in vibrational medicine and have seen its success.
For more on the use of a Rife Machine for Lyme disease, see the book, "Lyme Disease and Rife Machines," by Bryan Rosner. While there can be little doubt from those who have experienced or witnessed remission from Lyme disease with a Rife Machine, there is a drawback. It is called a "herxheimer reaction," named after Karl Herxheimer, German dermatologist (1861-1944). Usually shortened to "herx," a herxheimer reaction is an increase in symptoms following a treatment that is supposed to relieve the symptoms. "Herxing" is "getting worse before you get better."
What happens when a Lyme patient herxes following a Rife treatment is that the electromagnetic pulsing is so effective in killing off the bacteria, massive amounts of toxins are released in one's body from all the dead bacteria. Thus, until the toxins and dead bacteria are cleansed from the body, the patient can suffer intensly for a few days, but after a series of repeated Rife treatments, the disease has been often reported as gone for good. See the book by Rosner mentioned above for details, testimonies, and how to obtain or find a Rife Machine.
The advantage of destroying Lyme pathogens with essential oils and Raindrop is that oils and Raindrop are, themselves, highly cleansing and detoxifying when accompanied with lots of water. Thus, as the Lyme bacteria are dying off, the oil molecules can encapsulate them and their toxins and, when accompanied with large water intake, can carry them painlessly out of the body via the colon and kidneys. Following a Raindrop session or when engaged in the oral protocol with Frankincense, Oregano, and Thieves for Lyme, one should be urinating every 1-2 hours, or you are not drinking enough water.

People with Lyme can still have a herx response following a raindrop or the oral intake of essential oils, but it is less common than with Rife treatment and less extreme. One thing to be grateful for if you are herxing after a raindrop, it means the oils are doing what they are supposed to do, killing off the hostile bacteria and bringing you closer to freedom from the sickness.
If you contract one of the other tick bourne diseases (Rocky Mountain, Eurlichosis, Babiosis), there are effective antibiotic treatments for these. Symptoms for these other diseases can be identical to those of Lyme. You will need a blood test from a laboratory to determine which, if any, of these diseases may be the case in order to know which method of treatment you need.
As for in-depth information on Lyme and how Pamela Carpeter overcame it, she has a website:
Pamela is an avid promoter of Raindrop Technique and is training to become a CARE Instructor. She has successfully completed her Return Demonstration and will be doing her Assistantship Class with her Mentor, Nancy Gouch. She is turning her experience with Lyme into a gift and a mission to the world to help relieve the pain and suffering of others by this dreadful disease.