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Palo Santo

 palo santo & rutavala
Palo Santo
Palo Santo is used by Latino cultures in Peru and Ecuador like Frankincense is used in the Middle East . The dead wood is gathered and burned as insect repellent, small strips are put in campfires to keep away lice and ticks. The Palo Santo tree is a protected species. The live trees cannot be harvested. If a person owns the land which the trees on are, they can cut the trees.  Five years ago Gary began trying to distill Palo Santo from dead wood. It took him 2 years to figure out how to get the oil from the dead tree. The tree must be dead for at least 5 years before any oil can be extracted from the heart of the wood. It does not product resin like Frankincense or Myhrr.

Why is Palo Santo an Important Oil?

At this point not enough research has been done to say it is an 'anti-cancer' oil, however this oil is high in d-limonene. Citrus oils (whose anti-cancer value has been scientifically proven) are  high in l-limonene. It has been used successfully at the clinic for prostate and lung cancer when given intravenously.

Palo Santo is highly anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Palo Santo Highly Effective Against Respiratory Viruses
Effective for respiratory congestion, pneumonia, flu, bronchitis.  The oil can be diffused, taken sublingually (under the tongue) or 3-4drops can put in 8oz of water to drink. Also use this oil in Raindrop Technique, massaging along the spine. 

For ear infections: A few drops on a piece of cotton and placed in the ear. Rub outside of ear with a drop of oil. Do NOT drop oils directly in the ear canal.
For Nasal Polyps: With surgery polyps tend to return. Saturate a cotton swab with oil and swab inside of nose. One gentleman did this, inconsistently for 6 weeks and his polyps have never returned.

When Traveling: Rub under nose to kill bacteria before you inhale it on airplanes. Also apply around back of ears. Skin test before applying, may be irritating to sensitive skin. Dilute if necessary.
Children Who Have Lung Congestion: Mix 2 drops Palo Santo and 10 drops V-6 mixing oil and massage on back.
Inhibit Eye Infections/Pink Eye/Styes: Mix 1 drop Palo Santo & 1 drop Myrrh, rub around eyes, with eyes closed. If one suffers frequent eye infections could cause a detached retina. Do this oil protocol as preventative for that. Palo Santo & Frankincense together promote DNA repair in cells. Use Sandalwood, Frankincense and Balsam Fir together as a strong anti-inflammatory and for DNA repair.

Cartilage Regeneration of Marathon Runner
4 years ago a marathon runner had no cartilage left in his knee. He was facing knee-replacement surgery. He began rubbing Palo Santo on his knee daily and the cartilage regenerated.
The DNA repair potential of Palo Santo has not been studied scientifically, but we know it is present.

Palo Santo has relieved rheumatoid arthritis pain. Some take internally in capsules.

Palo Santo Alleviates Depression! Apply topically, diffuse, inhale!

No one else except Young Living has these oils!

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