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Ruta VaLa a must have oil!

                                             palo santo & rutavala

RutaVaLa Roll-On

Gary shared with us how effective RutaVaLa is for "Stress Allergies" i.e "maladaptive stress syndrome": The body produces more acid in a stressed state, thereby raising cortisol levels, taxing the adrenal glands, decreasing hormone function, including pituitary and thyroid function this leads to a decrease in digestive enzymes, This causes many digestive issues including food allergies, IBS (irritable Bowel syndrome). There is NO disconnect between anything that happens in the body. If the mind is stressed it affects every cell of the body. This disruption of body systems leads to hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, candida overgrowth, pre-diabetes.

Rutavala Reduces Stress Allergies! Applying RutaVaLa roll-on to the brain stem (or 4-5 drops of RutaVaLa from the bottle) will reduce anxiety levels in 60-120 seconds by modulating brain function.
RutaVaLa is the most powerful anti-depressant in our arsenal of oils!

It reduces cortisol levels, has calming & balancing effect. Very effective for restless leg syndrome, hypertension. Applying to carotid artery (along neck) allows for quickest absorption and can quickly get into the brain to bring balance.

Applying to brain stem of overstressed adults and children before bed helps improve sleep patterns and can help with clarity during the day. 

Children Who Have Been Vaccinated

 Especially those suffering from Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, bi-polar, dyslexia or other conditions associated with vaccine damage greatly benefit from the use of RutaVaLa.
It helps to regenerate the neurites that were destroyed in the brain by the vaccine. It stimulates the regeneration of neurites and myelin tissue.

It is also effective in treating bi-polar or manic-depression. Bi-Polar, depression, asperger's, touret's are associated with mineral deficiency and hormone imbalance. The use of RutaVaLa brings alpha and beta waves of the brain into harmony. The use of Mineral Essence and hormone balancing products such as Estro, Progessence Plus, Endogize or SclarEssence can enhance the effects and bring even better results.

Sleep Disorders

If you have trouble sleeping i.e. cannot sleep at least 5-6 hours without awakening apply RutaVaLa to brain stem before bed. If you tend to already sleep soundly for 7-8  hours, you may not need to use it before bed or to use less. Feeling drowsy upon awakening means you need to use less. If this  occurs: Upon awakening apply Frankincense with Clarity or Brain Power or Peppermint. The brain will become clearer. When studying use Brain Power or Peppermint. This will help tremendously. Experiment to see if your child has improved test scores using the above oils.

Candida Can Cause Bi-Polar
Candida proliferates in gut lining, this leads to leaky-gut syndrome and then many are diagnosed with IBS. The candida roots in gut and bowel gases are allowed to leach into blood stream. This is like the person being on ammonia! This causes difficulty in thinking, memory loss. RutaVaLa helps balance the brain, bringing peace of mind.

Ruta Decreases Pain for Some. If fighting a degenerative disease it helps them to sleep better. 1-2 drops under the tongue works faster than applying topically. 

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 These notes taken on Gary Young's Conference Call by Amy Lapp (1/6/2011)

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