Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Healing Powers of Sacred Frankincense

sacred frankincense
Over the last year I have heard some truly amazing stories about people who have been using Sacred Frankincense. Here is just another reason:

A Study With Sacred Frankincense

12 subjects, all had post traumatic stress disorder and all were able to go off antidepressants after being on then for 63 years. All inhaled Sacred Frankincense 5 minutes daily for 30 days. 
All 12 brain scans showed significant difference in brain wave activity. 

17 year-old able was only able to read 5th grade level, 1 month on Sacred Frankincense and can read at 9th grade level.
80% improvement in reading and memory recall in 3-5 min of inhalation!  

*Information from Diamond Summit 2011, notes by Kathy Kouwe

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