Thursday, September 20, 2012

Helpful Oil Hints

Oregano & Lemon Helps Get Rid of Moles
"My daughter used Oregano and Lemon oils on a large mole on her husband's back. It fell off in two weeks. She alternated using the oils and made sure that the surrounding skin had olive oil on it first -- otherwise, any essential oil will spread to the surrounding  tissue and irritate it.~Nancy, YL Distributor

Palo-Santo for Bone Density
palo santo

  "I remember a long time ago reading that Palo Santo will build bone density. Place it on the spine or hips. My mom does this now and is not having any bone loss issues". ~Stacia, YL Distributor


GallBladder Issues
"If you have gallstones Gary Young stated that 2 capsules of GLFtm(Gallbladder Liver Flush) six times a day would get rid of them."

~Annette, YL Distributor


Young Living Oils are therapeutic grade. They may be used aromatically, applied to the skin neat or with a base oil, and some may be ingested. For more information contact Lennea Aurilia. 843-655-0555 or at

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