Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pure Power Smoothie and NingXia Red

This information comes from the amazing Teri Seacrest!

Mom Was Right!

My Mom always said that good health begins and ends with a long-term commitment to good nutrition. Mom was right! Are you ready to take your health to the next level? This month's " Tips" is filled with good news for you!

Just 7 days ago, I received my first shipment of Young Living's NEW NingXia Red power infusion formula. I thought, "How could it possibly be any better than the original formula?" The original NingXia Red had been our family's daily "powerhouse" for years!
All I can say is, "Gary Young...you have hit it out of the ball park this time!" Seven days ago, I had a small skin tag on my left eyelid and today it is gone! With the 7 times increase of essential oils in the new formula, the very cells of my body are coming alive! My children love the taste of it and we have been making breakfast smoothies with it every day! (Thank you, Carol Shirr, for the great recipe!)  

Pure Protein 
Complete #3291
Pure Power Smoothie  4 oz NEW NingXia Red
2 cups water
1 cup ice cubes
large handful of kale, stems removed
large handful of spinach
large handful of grapes 
1 apple, cored and cut up
4 scoops YL Pure Protein Complete
Put liquids and ice into blender first. Add remaining ingredients. Blend on high until smooth. Makes 4 servings
Personally, I love taking 4 ounces of NingXia Red every day because I have had such great results over the years. With the original formula NingXia Red, the few strands of grey hair I had went away!
Today, I challenge you to look in your pantry and refrigerator to see what you are spending your grocery money on that is giving you only minimal nutrition. Transfer those dollars over to the NEW Young Living NingXia Red Power Juice and experience your health soar! If you have never made a commitment to consistent nutrition, today is the day to begin! 

When you add NEW NingXia Red to your Essential Rewards order between October 1 and October 31, you will earn DOUBLE POINTS on all your NingXia Red purchases from October 1st until December 31, FREE products for your redeemed points, and enjoy reduced shipping costs. You just can't lose and have everything to gain. I feel better today at age 58 than I did at 28 - AND SO CAN YOU!  

  • 48% MORE antioxidant activity
  • 7 times more essential oils
  • superior taste
  • significant DECREASE in acid level
  • significant DECREASE in glycemic index 
  • safe for diabetics
Original formula NingXia Red's S-ORAC score* is already off the charts. Now, new formula NingXia Red scores almost 50% higher!  

PROPRIETARY BLEND OF SUPER ANTIOXIDANT JUICES - blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, plum.

grapeseed extract plus orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils.

SUPERIOR FLAVOR enhanced with pure vanilla extract and stevia, a natural, low-glycemic sweetener.

What hasn't changed is the intensely concentrated nutrition derived from the whole ningxia wolfberry.
Love original NingXia Red?  Just wait until you try NEW NingXia Red! 
77% prefer NEW NingXia Red 
in blind taste test 

Other superfruit beverages don't stand a chance against NingXia Red - in nutrition OR flavor!  In a blind taste test at a major university, 77% of the participants preferred the rich flavors of NEW NingXia Red. And it's no wonder - Young Living has procured the very finest whole fruit juices, artfully blended them with the NingXia wolfberry, added a touch of stevia for sweetness, and enriched them with citrus essential oils to produce the the most delicious and nutrient-dense NingXia Red juice ever.  
*The S-ORAC test measures the ability to neutralize the dangerous superoxide free radical. Elevated super-oxide has been linked to cancer, heart disease, asthma, and many other serious health conditions.



Place your Essential Rewards order of 100 PV or more ONLINE between October 1 and 31 and include a NEW NingXia Red item number from the list below and you will earn double Essential Rewards points through December, earn FREE products with your redeemed points, and enjoy big savings on shipping. So the sooner you order the NEW NingXia Red, the more points you will accumulate!

Already an Essential Rewards member? Modify your order in your Virtual Office at youngliving.com .

Not a member yet? Three easy ways to enroll today!

1  Call Young Living Customer Service at 800-371-3515 to enroll , give sponsor # 1181431
2  Sign up in your Virtual Office at  www.youngliving.com   , enter sponsor # 1181431
3  If you're stuck, call Lennea 843-655-0555

This is a PERFECT time to take advantage of Young Living's generous Essential Rewards Program. Preferred Customer earn points with just a $50 monthly purchase. Business Builders - your $100 monthly Essential Rewards order maximizes your earning potential and qualifies you for your personal rank.
NEW NingXia Red 8 pack #3046

Redeem points for FREE product of your choice

See how many double points you can earn on one 8 pack of NEW NingXia Red and examples of the various products for which you can redeem them. 

10% - 46 points  One month's points can be redeemed for a bottle of Relieve It or RutaVaLa. Two month's points earn you a Golden Touch 1 Kit. 
15% - 69 points  Enough points for a bottle of Frankincense or Essential 7 Kit.
20% - 92 points  Redeem for Slique Slim Caps, Sandalwood, or in two months, Rose essential oil.

The longer you're an Essential Rewards member, the more points you earn!
As soon as you become a member, you'll start earning 10% on all your Essential Rewards orders. The percentage increases up to 20% as long as you maintain your monthly Essential Rewards order, as follows. 

Months 1-6 - Earn points equal to 10% of your Essential Reward order's PV

Months 7-12 - Earn points equal to 15% of your Essential Reward order's PV
Months 13 and beyond - Earn points equal to 20% of your Essential Reward order's PV 
Item Number

NingXia Red (2 pack)
NingXia Red (4 pack)
NingXia Red (6 pack)
NingXia Red (8 pack)
NingXia Red Singles (30 ct.)   NEW 2 oz SIZE!
NingXia Red Singles (60 ct.)   NEW 2 oz SIZE!
NingXia Red Singles (90 ct.)   NEW 2 oz SIZE!
NingXia Red Combo Pack (2 pack plus 30 singles)

Increase Your Family's Abundance Today!
Silver in 6
Would you like to know how to receive your NingXia Red FREE every month?
CLICK TO LISTEN to a terrific interview and find out!

Young Living Introduction Meeting Featuring the NEW NingXia Red Presented by Marc Schreuder and Dr. Olivier Wenker, MD
Join us for a free Introduction Meeting featuring Marc Schreuder and Dr. Olivier Wenker, MD to learn all about new NingXia Red, and the revolutionary, newly released products that took this year’s International Grand Convention by storm!

Not only is this meeting a great way to stay knowledgeable about the company and our latest offerings, but it is perfect for sharing Young Living with friends, family, and prospective members of your organization!
NEW NingXia Red Intro Meeting, Tuesday, October 9, 2012, Denver, Colorado Registration 6 to 7 p.m.   Meeting 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. 
Denver Marriott West, 1717 Denver West Boulevard, Golden, CO 80401
Cost: Free! 

Education to Unlock the Secrets of Vigor and Vitality
Imagine enjoying increased energy, exuberant physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. When all of these elements come together, they create a highly desirable state of health known as “vigor” and “vitality.” In addition to the obvious physical advantages, this level of exceptional health inevitably increases your potential to enjoy greater purpose, abundance—and ultimately happiness. The School of Nature’s Remedies is an educational program created with this end in mind. 

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