Friday, July 27, 2012

Essential Oil Tips

Feel Better, Live Better

Calming Children     citrus fresh

Use Citrus Fresh to calm hyperactive children. Diffuse in the room or massage on the feet for relaxation or to relieve anxiety or stress.

Home Improvement    harmony

Add your favorite oil(s) to paint to dispel fumes and energetically add positive vibrations to the room.
Suggestions: Harmony, Joy & Gathering in the living room,
Peace & Calming, Dream Catcher in the bedroom
Inspiration or Highest Potential in the office
Gratitude & Abundance everywhere!

You can add up to a 15ml bottle per gallon of paint, Stir well. This is safe for the paint & good for you!

                                       Joyful Life

joy Even when there's no good reason to enjoy life, enjoy it anyway. Discover the delightful truth that joy is its own best reason.

Truly enjoy the place where you are, and you make it even better. Find
joy in the moment you're now living, and you'll multiply the treasures that the moment can bring.
You won't hurt anyone else by enjoying who you are and what you're doing. On the contrary, your own joy can bring much
joy to those around you.
Instead of assuming that you must struggle, enjoy the process of moving through each challenge. When you choose to enjoy what you're doing, the effort comes more easily and with greater effectiveness.

Decide that life is a joy and you'll find all sorts of ways to reinforce and build upon that decision. The joy you seek is already yours, so let it flow freely from within you.
Give your life the power of
right now, and always
. For whatever you sincerely enjoy, you're able to easily and naturally master.
-- Ralph Marston
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