Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Emotional Release with Essential Oils

Emotional Release
Essential Oils

Do you:
  • Feel stuck emotionally or spiritually?
  • Have unexplained pain?

   The theory behind emotional release with essential oils is that when we have an experience or emotion that we are not mature enough or ready to process, we store them to process later.  These often toxic emotions can be stored anywhere in our bodies, waiting for us to review and learn their lesson.  Emotions are alive and full of energy,  and while they stay in our bodies they can affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual health as well as how we view and interact with our world.

   Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are excellent at helping our body remove toxins.  Not only do Essential Oils help our cells to release chemical toxins but also emotional toxins.  When emotional toxins are dislodged and let go of, we experience an Emotional Release.       When that emotion is resolved we gain its spiritual lesson and our lives move onward in a positive and productive way.  Often our physical or spiritual health is improved.

   During a facilitated Emotional Release a combination of essential oils will be used.  The oils are chosen based on their cleansing and detoxing abilities and their frequencies.  You will lay on a massage table, covered with sheets, just like a massage.  Oil is applied by the facilitator on your head, shoulders and feet.  If oils need to be applied to the your abdomen, then the oils are dropped into your hand so you can apply it yourself.  You will be asked to keep an open line of communication with the facilitator, and share thoughts you may have or visions or colors you may see.  It is your experience that will lead the session.  Emotional Release sessions are often around two hours long.  

   After an Emotional Release session clients report a sense of feeling lighter, happier, and centered.  Clients have also experienced physical healing after an Emotional Release session.   It is a good idea to give yourself some time to relax and process after an emotional release session.  Keep on drinking pure water, since it is common to continue to detox physically and emotionally.

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