Tuesday, October 25, 2011

 History of Vitaflex Technique®?

Vitaflex is a term coined by Stanley Burroughs from the
phrase: “Vitality through the Reflexes.” The technique
was rediscovered by Stanley Burroughs in the late 1920s.
What is Vitaflex Technique®?
It consists of a specialized form of digital electrical
stimulation using the pads and nails of the fingers, in a
rolling motion to fire voltages into the body through reflex
points. Vitaflex is a very effective technique on its own,
as is aromatherapy (anointing with essential oils), however
combining the two, the effectiveness of both is enhanced

The Vitaflex technique can be used to clear the colon,
respiratory system and sinuses, to release tension and
stress from the head and brain, as well as aligning the hip
and atlas. Vitaflex technique to the ear can also help with
tension in the jaw, and the rest of the head too.

How does Vitaflex Technique® work?

Vitaflex makes use of the piezoelectric characteristic
of the human skin where pressures, however slight,
induce voltages and corresponding currents in the body.
“Piezo” is a Greek prefix meaning “pressure”. Many
crystals are piezoelectric, including quartz, which has
many industrial applications. When pressure is applied
to the body by the Vitaflex manoeuvre, voltage builds up
to a maximum as the finger pads roll from flat to vertical.
Then as the fingers flip over on to the nails, which are
electric insulators, the electrical connection is suddenly
broken firing the build-up of electricity into the body.
If oils are applied at the point of the Vitaflex, they are
carried into the body along generated currents.

Which essential oils are used in Vitaflex Technique®?

Vitaflex can be given without the use of Young Living
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. If oils are required they
can be varied depending on your requirements.

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