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Drink Your Water!

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Drink Your Water!
Do you know how much water your body needs?

Body weight / 2 = # of ounces of water to drink per day.

Ex. 120 lb. / 2 = 60. Drink 60oz of water per day!

This may sound like a lot but our bodies are 80% water. Lack of water leads to headaches, slow digestion, and long term dehydration can lead to disc problems and joint pain and inabilitiy to release unwanted weight.

Below is a suggestion on how to get your water in a delicious way, with added nutrients 
AND help weight management.


H2O + YLEO = A Healthier You!

ningxia red bottle

Take one empty, clean
NingXia Red bottle or any other 32- 34oz. glass or 'safe for oils' container (not plastic)
and add the following:

10 Drops YL Grapefruit Oil
10 Drops YL Lemon Oil
10 Drops YL Peppermint Oil

Fill the bottle with water. Shake Well. Drink throughout the day. This will help to cleanse the body, detoxify petrochemicals, break down fat and regulate metabolism and make you feel fantastic!
Why Grapefruit?

It has 'fat-dissolving' characteristics, supports digestion, helps relieve water retention and is a lymphatic decongestant. Can help fatigue and eating disorders. Cleanses the kidneys and vascular system. It uplifting; great anti-depressant.

What's Lemon Good For?
Lymphatic Decongestant
Liver Support
water purifier
digestive support
red blood cell formation
anti-fungal and anti-viral
Dissolves toxins (petrochemicals)
Contains: Vitamins A, C, B, B1, B2, B3
Supports Vascular System
Fever Reducer


Peppermint is for Everyday!

peppermintAids Digestion, Helps Heartburn, Nausea, Fevers, Acid Indigestion, headaches, kills parasites, anti-inflammatory. Improves Mental Acuity, Uplifting to the Spirit and Stimulates the Saiety Center of the Brain (you won't feel hungry).

NOTE: The first 5-7 days you drink the amount of water correct for your body weight you may have notice increased urination. Once the body begins to absorb the water this will cease. Think of putting water over a very dried out sponge when you first begin, the water just runs over the sponge, but once it begins to soften a little it can then absorb its capacity. The same holds true of our bodies. Be patient, you will be rewarded!

TIP: If you are attempting to release weight sniff peppermint 10 TIMES PER DAY (use a nasal inhaler if you have one or a cotton ball/pad with a few drops of oil on it, kept in a baggie). Very Powerful!

**************************************Information provided by Amy Lapp************

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