Friday, April 13, 2012

Tips For Better Air Qualit,Asthma, and Anxiety

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For Improved Air Quality

"When replacing furnace or air conditioning filters I always put 15-20 drops of Purification on the new filter. When changing vacuum cleaner bags, I use 8-10 drops of Purification in the new bag. People always comment on how nice my house smells."

~Mary Finstead, Louisburg, KS

~Purification is also great for purifying negative thinking through diffusing or applying topically.

For Anxiety
"I use RutaVaLa for stress and anxiety. My Dad and I find the aroma very pleasing and use it to fall asleep, too."

~ Sarah McDermott, Annandale, MN

For Asthma

"Raven oil blend helped my 7-year old so with his asthma. He had been using his inhaler 3 times a week from September to November, until I began rubbing Raven on his feet, chest, throat and ears. He has not used his inhaler since."

~Debra Roelike, St. Joseph, MN

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All of today's tips come from
Aromatherapy Home Remedies from A to Z:
Sharing the Essence of Oils
by Star Moree PT, CNHP and Kari McDermott CNHP, RM

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