Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Allergy and Asthma Relief

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Allergy and Asthma Relief
"I used to have all kinds of allergies and asthma and was on everything from Seldane, Sudafed, steroid inhalers that caused heart palpitations, dry eyes and mouth and even on a breathing machine (nebulizer) at one point.  Now, with the help of these oils, my allergies are non-existent.
(Note:  This has saved me thousands of $$ on allergy medications, allergy shots & in the past, missed time from work.  Needless to say, no more side effects from those horrible drugs and over the counter meds!)
I got a Young Living diffuser and diffused Purification Oil into a room with the door closed for 20 minutes a day while relaxing in the room.  This is f
the chronic cough. Any molds and allergy causing bacteria in the air cannot live in the presence of this oil. 
I u
rcsed 2-3 drops of R. C. Oil Blend in my hands, Rubbed them together, cupped over nose and inhale 3 times deep.  Also put 2 drops on chest and throat.  This is a blend of 4 different kinds of eucalyptus and other oils.  This is incredible for breaking up mucus, in the head, the lungs and anywhere else it builds up.  This is the one that stops me from wheezing and coughing and lets me breathe so much better.
You can also get Peppermint Oil.  If you ever get stopped up and can't breathe through your nose, you'll love this one.  My husband puts 1 drop on his tongue and in then inhales it in.  Then with the oil still on his fingers he rubs a little on the end of his nostrils and inhales again.  He can breathe in 1 second after putting it on.
One more oil you should know about is Lavender.  Not only is it called Nature's lavenderantihistamine, but it great for depression.  It lifts me up in 3 seconds...When my nose won't stop dripping, it dries me up right away.
Since using Young Living Products:  cleansing, oiling, supplementing and eating a good diet over the last 4 years I can honestly say I AM ALLERGY FREE, and in Texas, where there are trees, molds, dust, grasses, hay, etc.!!!  I would have never believed it! 
I try to eat as healthy as I can - no sugar, no white flour, no dairy, organic vegetables, hormone free chicken, little meat, no coffee or pop, no white bread, no processed foods, and also no chemicals in the household products or personal care products.  I believe this has all helped.  
thieves cleaner 2
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64 fl oz item #4475
I've begun ingesting Eucalyptus Radiata and R. C. blend before bed and for the first time in my life, I am able to sleep with a cat on my bed and still breathe well; no wheezing or sneezing.  WHAT A MIRACLE!!  I thought I'd never be able to have furry pets.
At this point in time (2005), my Young Living monthly check pays for all our products, and we use everything, including personal care products and toothpaste. We are saving $$$ on our grocery bills and medical bills by substituting healthy products from Young Living for chemical laden items found at the grocery store; and it gets delivered to our door.   What a wonderful blessing this has been for us!"

~April Travis


Information provided here is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY and is in NO WAY intended to replace proper medical advice.  IT IS NOT for diagnostic or prescriptive use or to be construed as instruction on how to cure or treat any condition, illness or disease. Every individual is different, thus what may work for one may not work for another person. Consult with the professional health authorities of your choice. Remember, taking responsibility for your health is your own personal decision: do your research and choose wisely.  We commend you! 
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