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Healthy Winter Skin

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Essential Quick Tips
by Amy Lapp

Healthy Winter Skin
With ART Skin Care  and  Young Living Personal Care Products

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There are sometimes questions regarding the ART Skin Care and other YL skin care products. As a Clinical Aesthetician, I thought I'd share a few tips on how to get the ART Skin Caremost out of these exceptional products.

First off, YL's specially formulated products are fabulous for your skin because of the tiny molecular structure of the essential oils. This means that the products can actually penetrate, absorb, nourish and heal the skin - this equals RESULTS - GREAT RESULTS !!

If you or someone you know are having a reaction when beginning to use the ART skin care products. Here are a few tips !

1. The cleansing action is very thorough, so cellular debris, sebum, etc that was formerly "under" the surface of the skin will rise to the outer layer. This is completely normal and desirable. This represents a deep cleansing of the pores that will ultimately allow the skin to be more radiant. Be patient - don't poke, squeeze or lance - it will heal.

2. Make sure you're removing ALL of the cleanser from your skin ! People come to me all the time thinking they've thoroughly washed their face and yet there is a lot of product remaining on the skin. A proper rinsing involves using a non-bacterial sponge and making at least two and preferrrably three passes, with a rinse of the sponge in between, to make sure that all of the cleanser is removed. Be very conscious of the hairline, brows, front of ears and chin. Any product that accumulates in these areas, even a good products, will clog the pores and cause trouble.

3. After cleansing, rinse twice with warm water, but always finish with very cold water. This will close the pores.
satin mint facial scrub
4. Use your toner sparingly - it takes only a tiny amount to rebalance the ph. Too much toner can be drying/irritating.

5. If you live in a humid environment use moisturizer only at night. If you live in a dry environment you can use moisturizer twice a day. If your moisturizer sits on top your skin - you need to exfoliate. Dead cells sitting on the surface will prevent the skin from absorbing a moisturizer. The Satin  Mint Facial Scrub is a GREAT exfoliant ! Make sure you don't ever use crushed almonds or apricot kernels on the face - they're too rough and can create scratches on the skin orange blossomthat will attract bacteria.

6. Rotate your cleansing products to get the lavaderm cooling mistvery most from them. If you use ART most of the time, switch to the Orange Blossom Cleanser and one of the other moisturizers and Lavaderm every 3-4 months. This is a great skin health booster !

7. Treat your face like a precious ming vase - wash gently, rinse slowly and carefully, air dry or pat dry with a soft cotton towel.

8. Supplement with Sulfurzyme no matter what your age ! Sulfurzyme helps to build that beautiful radiant skin from the inside out !!

~Kathie L., YL Distributor and Clincial Aesthetician

Did you know?

If you purchase the ART SKIN CARE SYSTEM as an Essential Rewards Order you receive the Toner for FREE!
A savings of almost $20!

art essential rewards


"I purchased the Orange Blossom Facial Wash at least 6 months ago, I shared a sample with a friend and still have not come close to using the whole bottle! I am amazed
orange blossom how long it lasts and my skin feels wonderful! I even use it to remove my eye make-up without any stinging or irritation."
~Amy L.

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