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Lemongrass is AWESOME!

Hello oilers!

I just happened to open up a Woman's World (2006) magazine there was an article on fighting germs naturally!

The first one listed was oregano oil. The article stated that oregano oil
was as effective as penicillin at preventing bacteria like staph,
e.coli, h.pylori, even anthrax.

Then the next article was on lemongrass and how it combats 22 types
of bacteria, and 12 types of fungi. It went on to say other studies show
 Lemongrass protects against lung cancer and pain.

What was so exciting to me was this was published in a non-medical
paper, where millions will read it and maybe start to look at their
health in a different light.

Congrats to Young Living for leading the way in essential oil research
and passing it on to us. Hopefully, more will learn just how
powerful these God given oils are.

Good health!


The Many Uses For Lemongrass
Lemongrass - (Cymbopogon flexnous) 
Lemongrass essential oil has a light, citrus aroma and is distilled from the long slender, grass like leaves. 
It is said that lemongrass helps rejuvenate the mind and has been found to improve mental clarity. It has
also been the subject of research published in the Phytotherapy Research Journal, where it was found to
have powerful properties when applied topically to the skin, namely its anti-fungal action.

The Essential Oils Desk Reference guide to using essential oils, states lemongrass is antifungal, antibacterial,
anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, regenerates connective tissues and ligaments, dilates blood
vessels, improves circulation and promotes lymph flow. 

Lemongrass is being used by many with connective tissue problems ranging from torn rotator
cuffs, to slap tears, injury to muscles, ligaments and tendons, strengthening muscles
around the eye, used as a natural blood thinner, for sinus and respiratory complaints, bladder
infections, varicose veins, Salmonella, digestive problems and fluid retention.

Recently the country of Israel published a report showing lemongrass
effective against cancer cells.

When applied to the skin, some dilution may be necessary as lemongrass has a tendency to
cause what looks like a rash - it really is only enhancing blood flow, but can be unsightly and itch. 
Dilute 1 part lemongrass to 4 parts V6 oil or olive oil.  For oral consumption,, start with
3 drops twice per day and increase as needed.

ORAC: 1,780 uTE/100g

Debra Raybern, Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Certified Nutritionist

"I love Lemongrass!!! I fractured my tibia playing tennis last
week and also sprained my ankle. Thanks to Lemongrass,Wintergreen and PanAway.
 I'm walking quite well with my airplane splint. I took no pain pills at all!!!!  Loving these oils!"

Lisa C.

Plugged lymphatics

Have any of you had your face start itching and then the itching
goes down the neck onto the chest?  Then after the itching starts
you face turns red?  The itching keeps on getting worse and worse?
Well this is what has happened to you, your lymphatics are plugged.

This has happened to my twice now and this is what I did.  First
I applied lemongrass around the lymphic ring around the bottom
of my heel.  It looks like this U.  To find out where it is, stand with
you foot on the floor and imagine you are  standing on a horseshoe,
with the heels of the shoe facing towards the toes.  Looking straight
down from the ankle is the beginning of the horse shoe underneith the
heel apply  lemongrass . going around to the otherside stopping in
front of the other ankle or the end of the horse shoe.

 Now you do the reflex 3 times on each foot and then do the lymphic pump. 
This opens the lymphs and the itching stops and the redness goes away.  If
you still have some itching do it again until it has stopped completely.
~Nancy Sanderson


Knee Pain
At the beginning of winter my knees started hurting -- first one, then the other.
It got to where as I straightened up my legs at each step when walking the knees
would 'click' accompanied by the sharp pain. Not wanting to use painkillers I tried
several different oils and supplements with no luck till I tried lemongrass. I applied
it in the evening and could feel it working immediately! The next day the pain and
clicking was almost gone. I applied 2 - 3 times a day for just 3 days and the symptoms
completely subsided.
Ardi Keim  
Dust Mites and Bed bugs
Put a couple of drops of lemongrass oil in a spray bottle with some water
and spray air, sheets & blankets between changes (remembering to shake
bottle often). Helps with dust mites or bed bugs they say are there but you
cannot see. It feels great. I also spray sofa cushions, area rugs, etc. Now, I don't
think I have 'bed bugs' but it sounded like a great way to freshen up linens. I've
tried it and it does smell wonderful.
Monica P  
Kidney Stones
Kidney stones are no fun! My husband describes it as the body trying to push
a watermelon or a jagged bolder through a garden hose only on a much smaller
visual scale, and more constant pain than he has ever experienced! He has had,
on four different occasions, the experience of dealing with kidney stones, twice
requiring an emergency room visit or doctor office visit. This past year we were
introduced to Young Livings Essential Oils and with my husband's most recent
kidney stone attack we applied oils to see if we could avoid another expensive
emergency room visit and pharmaceutical treatment.

The EODR suggests the single oils of wintergreen/birch, geranium, juniper,
helichrysum, fennel, and lemongrass; And making a blend of Eucalyptus radiate,
Geranium, and Juniper. We didn't have all the single oils but we did have most
of them in YO blends. We used:

*Panaway with helichrysum, wintergreen/birch, clove and peppermint
*RC with Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus radiate, Eucalyptus australiana,
Eucalyptus citriodora, Myrtle, Pine, Spuce, Marjoram, Lavender, Cypress, and Peppermint.

I layered 5 to 6 drops of each of Panaway, RC, Lemongrass and Juniper over his
kidney and gave him a glass of purified water with 5 to 6 drops of lemon in it. Within
ten minutes, the pain switched from on to OFF! Just like a light switch the pain was
gone! Three days later, he passed the largest stone ever without any pain and with
out any visible blood. A week after that, again he passed another notably sized stone
without pain or visible blood. We believe Young Living's Essential Oils are responsible
for my husband's quick recovery and will continue to make major differences in our
health and lives. God is so good to bring these oils into our lives to be used!

Tracy Rushton  

Mosquities Bites

I was in an area next to my home that was being torn down and the mosquitoes
were horrible. I had shorts on and was bitten in about 3 different places. I went
 inside and mixed some peppermint, a little oregano, lemongrass, eucalyptus
citriadora into a massage oil and put on the bites and within 10 minutes all bites
disappeared completely.

Olga King 
Toenail Infection
In 2004 I wrote about my experience of using Melrose to ward off infection and
speed the healing of small cuts on my fingers from my work as a hairstylist.
At that same time, I began to use Melrose, Lemongrass, or Melaleuca Alternafolia
(depending on whatever I decided for the day) to see if I could get rid of a fairly
advanced fungal infection under 4 toenails which had developed about 10 years
earlier while hiking in Nepal for three weeks in damp boots. When I started using
the oils, about 2/3 of each nail on the large toes had disattached from the nail bed.
They were only slightly itchy and uncomfortable but I was concerned about loosing
the nails altogether.

The good news is that the fungus apparently stopped in it's tracks because the itchy,
 discomfort stopped within the first few applications and the nails were all normally
attached with no signs of fungus in about the same amount of time it takes a nail to
replace itself under normal circumstances. I have had no re-occurances since that time.

The other REALLY good news is that so many clients at our hair salon, as well as
other friends and acquaintances, were interested in our oils and other YL products
 that in just a few short years, one of the salon owners and I were able to 'close up
shop' because our Young Living businesses had grown enough to replace that
income! None of this would have been true except that our Young Living products
and business plan work!

Jan Meredith 
High Cholestrol
For years I have struggled with high cholesterol. I was on Zocor for many years
at the highest dosage, still unable to get my levels to normal. I invited Dr. Jeff Essen
 (Whole Life Clinic in Burnsville, MN) to my wellness team for guidance. Under his
supervision, I began to do liver flushes about every 2-3 months. Much of my problem
was contributed to a toxic liver and very sluggish bile (I had my gallbladder removed in 2001).

With my first liver flush, I flushed out over 50 balls of bile that ranged in size of large pea to
that of a brazil nut. The balls varied in color from medium brown to bright pea green. To
support my liver with detoxification I apply JuvaFlex, Release, Clove and Lemongrass topically
on the liver and the bottom of my right foot on the liver Vita Flex point. I also include Juvatone
and Ningxia Red as additional support for my liver.

My total cholesterol levels have decreased from 287 to 204, my triglycerides have reduced from
197 to 93. Of course, in addition, I have made a conscious choice to eat heathier, increase my
water intake and exercise on a regular basis to help support my liver detoxification

.Paula Quinlan 
Saved from having neck surgery
My experience with essential oils started like most people, with a physical condition and pain.
I began having severe neck pain which progressed down my left shoulder and ultimately to
 my left elbow. At first I just lived with it, but then I started to experience weakness in my
left tricep and that's when I decided to contact a doctor and see what was wrong.

An MRI showed the disk between the C-6 and C-7 vertebrae to be bulging. The swelling
in the joint was putting pressure on the nerve which was causing the pain and the weak-
ness in my arm. In fact the tricep muscle was actually beginning to atrophy. My doctor
gave me 3 options, first, physical therapy sessions. I did that with little effect. Second,
an epidural in my neck, which is an injection of anti-inflammatory drugs directly into the
disk designed to reduce the swelling and help the disk move back in place. The third
option was surgery where they would fuse the two vertebrae together. I was in my
early 30's and very active in sports and skiing and did not want options 2 or 3!

That's when a friend told me about the oils and how they had helped him with a
similar problem with his back. Long story short, I tried them and it was nothing
short of a miracle! Within minutes my neck and shoulder felt better and by the next
morning I had no more pain! ZERO! My neck and arm have been fine since, nearly
10 years now, and I regularly use the oils as simple maintenance and for many
other reasons that are too numerous to list here.

Many people have asked me which oils were used on my back and neck, so here
is a list of the oils and how they were applied by Julie Herbert whose husband
Gordon first introduced me to these amazing medicines -- Start with Valor on the
feet. Then layer oils of Basil, Marjoram, Aroma Siez, Wintergreen, Panaway, Cypress,
 Lemongrass, Geranium and Peppermint on the Vita-flex points on the feet one after
another. (There is a foot chart in the book, Essential Oils Desk Reference, which
shows where points related to the spine, shoulders and neck are located on the feet
called vita-flex points.)

Then apply the same oils on the neck and shoulder or pain-effected area using
Peppermint last, followed by Ortho Ease. Peppermint is used last because it is the
amplifier of the other oils followed by Ortho Ease.

Today for someone with the same condition you would also use Idaho Balsam Fir
and then start taking the supplements BLM (for bone, muscle, and ligaments) and
Sulfurzyme. BLM and Sulferzyme were not available when I had my neck problem.

I am a true believer in the power of these oils to heal the body, mind, and spirit. I hope
you will experience the same kind of results as you use these wonderful products.

I can't put into words how grateful I am to have discovered essential
Doug Long 
 Information provided via my newsletter from Kathy Kowe.
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