Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ocotea Oil..oh the many benefits!

from the deep Amazon
1. Lowers blood sugar: Take 1-3 drops under tongue every 10 min til blood sugar is normal.
"There was a study done in Ecuador on 53 diabetics.  All insulin-dependent, the person using insulin longest had been using it for 13 years, the person using insulin for the shortest time was 8 years.  Within 3 months they were off insulin....using Ocatea: 1 to 4 drops, 3 to 4 times per day.  The dosage was based on the person's individual needs."  
2. Disinfectant
3. Aesthetic
4. Anti diarrhea.
5. Antibiotic (Trans cinmalohol)
6. Anti-inflammatory (has sesquiterpenes)
7. Eliminates Candida and streptococcal
8. Works with the liver; balancing metabolism.
9. Of 88 children tested- 66 had parasites, 22 had parasites and Candida. 1 drop Ocotea in 8 oz glass of water and diffused. Killed both parasites and Candida.
10. Helps with weight loss. Reduces cravings in the evening-1 drop in evening.
11. Clears fungus on foot. Tea tree didn't work, put on Ocotea just once. 3 days later, the fungus was dead with just one application.
12. 69 year old female, couldn't lower glucose below 150. Ingested 3 drops of Ocotea. Instant change down to normal. It has been working for her since July. When she gets stressed, glucose goes up. She uses Ocotea, and brings it down. No side effects and feels better than when on the meds. 4 drops sublingually (under tongue) 4x a day for type 1 diabetic. She says she loves the energy it gives her. She's able to focus.
13. One person had a fungal infection on neck and forehead. No creams helped. Dark stain on skin. Tried clove oil. Added Ocotea-50-60% better in a few weeks, and she's had the fungal infection for years.
14. 67 year old female low energy, grumpy, irritable, not feeling well. Couldn't think clearly, cold. Blood sugar 340 on 4/21. Supplements plus Ocotea. By 4/28 down to 210, by 5/7 blood sugar was 140. Such a small amount of Ocotea and such great effect.
15. Impacts emotional state, by insulin balancing, weight release.
16. Janet got diabetes 3 months after being vaccinated at age 4. Continues to improve with Ocotea, proving medical science incorrect. Juvenile diabetes can be corrected!
  (Information provided by Amy Lapp)

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