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Spring is in the air!!

Spring is in the Air! Enjoy the information...:)
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Asthma/allergy relief
dorado azul
Suffer from Allergy or Asthma? Dorado Azul prevents/reverses asthma. It is a natural respiratory anti-inflammatory. Dorado Azul (Golden Blue) is from Ecuador and exclusive to Young Living. An added benefit of using this oil is hormone balancing. This is a single oil 5ml .
Mindset Matters
frankincense with resin "You can Change Your Destiny... if you want to"
1. Know what you want
2. Stay focused, determined.
3. DNA is not your destiny. Young Living Essential Oils erase negative DNA/RNA coding activity.

Oils to use: Frankincense, Lemon, Valor, Peppermint, Forgiveness, Hope, Acceptance.

Use the Oils you have~  ALL oils work to clear receptor sites of cells and allow new, positive programming to replace the old.

Weight Mangement

Americans perceive"healthy" wrong. Obesity causes cancer:  It is five times more difficult to detect tumors when a person is obese. When a person is obese cancer not detected early.  43% of colon cancer and 42% of breast cancer is in obese women.
Protocol for helping increae metabolism and release weight:
 ningxia red bottle
1. Take Essentialzyme in morn with NingXia Red.
2. With largest meals take Essentialzyme-4. (Twice daily)
3. Consume meat before 3pm for proper digestion. Hydrochloric acid and pepsin are necessary meat digestion. This production ceases after 4pm. Also take Essentialzyme-4 with meat meal.
4. Before Bed, Take 5 -8 Detoxymes: Cleanser and Chelator. If you awaken tired, with halitosis then you are in need of enzymes. Your body is not digesting properly and the body circulates the poison during the night. You need to unburden the body so you can sleep well. The undigested food ferments in the body, this is taking the oxygen out of
blood. The BRAIN is compromised the MOST when lacking oxygen. This causes "Brain Fog" & trouble with decision making and rational thinking.
5. Reduce Stress: Stress unlocks Fat Cells: Stress stimulates cortisol which stimulates fat cells. Reducing cortisol also helps regulate acidic conditions in the body. 

The information above is based on notes from Amy Lapp's meeting.

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